Draine Piano Service


Patrick Draine

West of Route 128/95: (978) 663-9690

East of Route 128/95: (781) 729-4321



        The primary focus of my business is “in home” piano tuning and repair, action regulation, and voicing. My clientele also includes piano teachers, professional musicians, churches, schools, and concert venues. I am also available for appraisals (for buyers, sellers, or for insurance purposes).

    I have been in this business since graduating from a piano technology program in 1977. Two years later I joined the Boston Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, and took and passed the exams qualifying me as a Registered Piano Technician. Since then I have been an independent piano tuner-technician working in the Boston suburbs. For the past 35 years I have been involved in our Piano Technicians Guild’s local, regional, and national programs of skills development and continuing education.


    Please get in touch (by phone or email) to make an appointment or to discuss your piano’s service needs.